1-13 The Debates (revisited)

On Saturday, like my FB post, I paste poems having some humor and presumably, a miniscule of wit. You decide if it is rife or bereft of wit–even a little bit.

The Debates I, II, and III


The “Debates” I


The wise old owl said “I don’t give a hoot

Because their posture and cant are truly moot.

With skullduggery vows, they quibble, refute—

But each with their snoot finds the hand pledging loot.”


The “Debates” II


The speechwriters seek to invoke muses

To beguile the news and the masses.

Whether their speeches amuse or confuse,

Their followers bray like herds of asses.


The “Debates” III


The Asses of Parnassus

Spread wide across the globe.

In Washington they bray to the masses

With speeches composed of gases,

while pontificating in Lardini robes.




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